Let me tell you a little bit about me!

My name is Lorraine Jepson and I have had over 20 years of experience doing hair and nails. I have a variety of products which are used for different hair types. I also do a variety of hairstyles both formal and casual, that suit all occasions. I have worked with many different hair types in the past such as black, white and Asian.

I used to work in different salons, but then I had kids and found it easier to work from home. With the children all grown up, I decided to open Mona Heights.

I have received many certificates in what I do, and I am very proud of them. Once you arrive, you can enjoy some relaxation time whilst you get pampered. It’s a nice feeling knowing that you are in good hands.

MonaH 1

Patrick Phillips

I was recommended Lorraine by a friend of a friend after spending ages trying to find someone that was good at cornrows. True to this person's word, Lorraine knows her stuff. I'd never had cornrows before so was entering the world of the unknown. I'm more than happy with the work she has done. I'm sure I will be back in 6 weeks for a refresh.

Tamera Schirmbrad

I've been to see Lorraine twice and she always does a brilliant job. She takes her time to find the best style to suit your hair in a lovely and warm atmosphere. I found Lorraine via yell.com as the only hairdresser in Dorking doing extensions. Definitely the best hairdresser I've been to.

Luisa Cordell

Lorraine is not only a superb hairdresser but always listens to what the client wants and carries out the client's wishes. She offers great guidance and always does the best for you to create the ideal look, suitable for you.

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